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Kelly Hager Jacobs is a mother, wife, and teacher — not necessarily in that order.   She has a B.A. in history, M.A. in education, and M.A. in history…none of which (she was shocked and quite terrified to discover) are at all helpful at persuading kids to put dirty dishes in the dishwasher.

She lives in Birmingham, Alabama, with her husband Clint and their three kids, Kadie (age 13) and twins Lillian and Henry (age 9).  Kelly teaches history and Clint teaches music at a college-preparatory boarding/day school.   

This site grew out of Kelly’s basic existential crisis of struggling to reconcile the different components of her life as a professional, mother, spouse, and part-time caretaker for her mom.    The secret for her was to quit viewing these as separate and competing parts of herself, and instead to focus on finding meaning and joy in ALL of the various aspects of her life’s work, especially in the overlapping moments.  

To be truthful, she still periodically freaks out at the size and scope of her To Do List and wrestles with guilt when she dares to scratch out undone things.  But she’s a To Do list herself, and God isn’t finished with her yet.    


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