Bible History Workshops

At some point in your education, you were probably taught about ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt, about the Persians, Greeks, and Romans.  But how much did you really grasp then?  How much do you actually remember?

 While God’s Word was and is and always will be, the events described in its pages take place in specific moments in time.  Understanding the historical context can allow a whole new depth of comprehension of what St. Augustine called “God acting through time.”  The Babylonian Captivity becomes even more real when you understand the political and military aims of the Neo-Babylonian Empire.  The wisdom and beauty of Paul’s sermon to the Athenians shine through more clearly when you understand his references to the temples and philosophies of the age.  Knowing the history behind the scriptures allows the empires and people to seem more real, and God’s grace and mercy all the more vivid.

 I grew up going to church two days a week and school five days a week and was frequently confused about which set of facts I was supposed to memorize for each.  I thought I had to keep my academic journey (including two masters degrees — one in education and another in history) separate from my spiritual walk.  Enlightenment came to me in a flash one night (that’s another story — you can check it out at the Meta Meaning page), but long story short, I realized (finally!) that there wasn’t “academic” and “church” truth. 

 There was simply Truth.  And in that moment, my life’s work became clear.  

I am passionate about helping people see how secular history and the Bible fit together.  I like providing the basic historical structure for understanding the history of the Old and New Testaments.  Basically, I can present all the stuff you missed on the worksheets your coach gave you in history class and make it (gasp!) interesting.  

 I am available for workshops, retreats, and seminars tailored to fit your content, length, and audience needs.  For more information, please email me at

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